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RAID controller card PCI Expansion ROM Design and Implementation

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Tutor: LuXiaoJun
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Applied Computer Technology
Keywords: RAID System,PCI Local Bus Protocol,BIOS,Expansion ROM
CLC: TP333.35
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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The explosive development of information makes three troublesome difficulties in data storage field: the limited capacity, slow I/O speed and data security problems. Redundant Disk Array is a kind of effective and inexpensive method to resolve the problems in data storage area. This technology enhances the I/O throughput for storage system and supports data fault tolerance by combining several disks.This thesis implements a soft RAID architecture to provide storage expansion and fault tolerance. A RAID storage controller that supports 8 ATA disk channels is designed under PCI local bus protocol. This thesis finishes design and implementation of expansion ROM system for this controller. It supports LBA48 disk addressing which can address as large as 144PB for each disk. The system allow to create four different RAID systems each of which may have one of four different RAID levels and JBOD.The objective of expansion ROM system is to perform hardware¡¯s initialization, RAID detection and judgment of data consistency on system power up. Moreover, a system management utility has provided to support basic system administration service. This thesis discusses system booting theory and PCI protocol firstly, and then it minutely talks about design and implementation of expansion ROM system. The testing method and results are also given. This thesis contains the following main contents:(1) System booting theory and principle of expansion ROM are studied.(2) PCI device enumeration and configuration space are discussed.(3) The structure of PCI expansion ROM image is studied. In addition, a tool for generating ROM image file is designed, which is talked in this paper in detail.(4) Expansion ROM system is designed and implemented. The system has four modules: detection and initialization, consistency judgment, GUI and administration. Each module¡¯s function and architecture are talked in detail.(5) The system¡¯s testing is included. Testing data is given and analyzed in detail in this paper.
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