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The Design and Implementation of the Seismic Loading Quality-Control System

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Tutor: LiYing
School: Jilin University
Course: Applied Computer Technology
Keywords: VS2008,MVC pattern,SEG-Y data,Navigation coordinate calculation
CLC: P631.44
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Seismic the loaded quality control system (Seismic Loading And Quality-Control System) is developed in the end of 2009, the main function is in the process of loading data analysis, control and management, including the description and explanation of gathering filled with data supporting information, data loading and finishing at the same time give a preliminary evaluation of the quality of the data in accordance with the standards of the seismic data management system. Thus, the human from heavy seismic data loading process artisanal freed, to improve the efficiency, security and stability of the system. Seismic the loaded quality control system (SLQS) development using C / S architecture, suitable for powerful, the system is stable, safe and reliable basic needs. UML object-oriented Unified Modeling software requirements, design and realization of coherent, clear and reasonable design structure. Seismic the loaded quality control system to use NET framework, Visual Studio 2008 environment using C # programming language design and process design of the system interface design, function modules. Achieve a set of two-dimensional seismic data processing, seismic data processing, seismic velocity data processing, common functions, file system, help system in one data quality control procedures. Seismic the loaded quality control system to achieve synchronization throughout the measurement results of quality control, quality control of seismic achievement data, speed data quality control, navigation and data matching between control loading software program to include 18 specific function of the quality control point. Paper is organized, I start from the theoretical basis of the cross-disciplinary design ideas, and strengthen the overall design of the system and critical technology solutions, especially seismic data reads, coordinate calculation of two-dimensional seismic data navigation, three-dimensional seismic data navigation coordinates The calculation algorithm detailed and in-depth analysis and elaboration. Summary and Outlook part in the paper, put forward the idea of ??integrated development for better application. System itself has to complete development and start the application, the effect of favorable response, complete set of procedures and processes seismic data quality checks, automated, padded and modify the content of the bulk of the seismic data, and to meet the quality of seismic data control the security and efficiency of the overall requirements. This system in the practical application of the oil and gas companies, the actual benefits are good, with the future extension of the software features and the structure of the group, to further the prospects of the development and application is very broad.
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