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Research on Roll Fast-Mapping System

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Tutor: LiGuoChang
School: Hebei University of Science and Technology
Course: Applied Computer Technology
Keywords: AutoCAD,ObjectARX,Roll,Rapid mapping program,Tolerances
CLC: TP391.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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At present, China manufacturing enterprises roll, roll drawing in AutoCAD software based on manual operation. In the absence of a comprehensive program rapid mapping technology, these companies can not effectively improve drawing efficiency, competition in the industry at a disadvantage, the enterprise very much looking forward to further improve drawing efficiency. Because AutoCAD powerful graphics capabilities, and allows the user to develop secondary characteristics, making the majority of engineering staff are familiar with and master professional aspects and the development of applied graphic design software. Mastered the secondary development of AutoCAD, AutoCAD can fully explore the potential of reducing the drawing cycle, so work efficiency is greatly improved. Paper first analyzes the subject's background and topics significance, and then on the roll fast mapping systems are painted objects - rolls were characteristic aspects of the analysis and research, the establishment of a roll classification methods, and studied AutoCAD and VC interface between Program-ObjectARX applications, as well as procedures to achieve rapid mapping approach. On this basis, the realization of rapid mapping system roll techniques and strategies for research and innovation. According to the research method, a roll of the rolling tube for the rapid mapping of the realization of the feature value of the input address, the roll contour mapping process, the filling hatch, the label dimensions, tolerances, and labeling, and finally raised Roll Rapid mapping system implementation model, completed the project achieved the requirements. For quick drawing roller system, we must first determine the system model. According to the specific requirements to build mapping system, select the appropriate subsystem model. For the rapid roll system, is divided into two subsystems, one for the rapid roll graphics core modules, mainly to complete the roll quick drawing, another for the user calling module, mainly to complete the set of rolls mechanical mapping. As the project is to study how quickly draw drawing rolls topics, the main feature is a drawing for the roll in the program on the secondary development of AutoCAD drawing quickly. Therefore, the research methods and how to achieve fast graphics drawing program quickly becomes particularly important. For this reason, the discussion of this subject on the basis of general use AutoCAD also discuss how to implement the program focused primarily on the drawing methods and implementation strategies. In an implementation, but also to address specific application issues and innovations.
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