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Research on Tax Culture in the New Era

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Tutor: FanLiMing
School: Shandong University
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: New Era,Tax Culture,Construction Ideas
CLC: F812.42
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Cultural competitiveness is considered a country¡¯s soft power, and culture construction is highly valued accordingly. In the complex context of in-depth transformation of the Chinese society, and in the process of building a harmonious society and advancing the scientific development strategies, emphasizing and strengthening tax culture construction is of profound historical and practical significance.The current tax cadre group is faced with prevalent aging problem and weakening of initiative. As the promotion channel is narrowing and the standards for allowances and subsidies are gradually put in place, how to mobilize tax officials and stimulate team vitality becomes a prominent question faced by tax authorities at all levels. The major tasks of the thesis are to:discuss the basic theory of tax culture; analyze the practices of current tax culture based on the case of Gaomi state tax¡¯s "pioneer spirit" culture, and discuss how to improve tax officers¡¯ spiritual value and living and working styles so as to enhance their cohesion, learning ability, innovation ability and the soft power of taxation, and provide some observations and operational strategic recommendations. The thesis is divided into five parts:Part¢ñ:Tax culture connotation, denotation and function analysis. The thesis starts with the basic theory of culture to interpret the true meaning of the tax culture, which lays a foundation for exploring the idea of building tax culture. Part¢ò:tax culture background and practical significance in the new era. Emphasizing and enhancing tax culture construction is not only the requirement to advance the building of "three civilizations" of the current tax systems and a harmonious society, but a practical need to tackle the problems of tax policy reform and development, with profound background and important practical significance. Part¢ó: China¡¯s tax culture practices and problems. This part describes the tax culture practices of China and main ways to learn from other resources, and analyzes main problems of current tax culture construction. Part¢ô: analysis of Gaomi state tax¡¯s "pioneer spirit" culture. This part contains the presentation and connotation of the "pioneer spirit" culture, which leads traditional management by experience and system management towards a new level of culture management by four strategies:brand breakthrough, concept guidance, theme advancement and environment creation. The experience which I believe is valuable to refer to is also presented in this part. Part¢õ: the idea of tax culture construction in the new era, which first discusses the objectives and principles of China¡¯s tax culture construction, and on this basis, ways and safeguard measures for China¡¯s tax culture construction are presented.
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