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Efficient quality management product development and design quality control management

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Tutor: ZhongShiMou PanJiaCheng
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: efficient quality management,product development,quality of design
CLC: F426.61
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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This paper made the following tasks aiming at solving the problems which had been caused by various forms of the products, shortening of the design period, lacking of experience due to the structural shortage of design teams, all of which lead to design quality problem arising frequently, uncontrollable of the design quality problem and a lot of the design problem could only be found during the manufacture or operate of the products.(1) Doing analysis to DTC¡¯s present design quality system, comparing it to the successful experience of the design quality control of the advanced foreign companies, using quality control theory, to look for the problem existing in our own quality control system and the improving direction.(2) Explored and summarized the successful experiences of our products¡¯development and design control. Lay the practice foundation, based on efficient management of products¡¯development and design, to control management model within the design department.(3) Established the model, which based on efficient quality management: In the early stage of design planning, doing whole quality planning to the products, to saving enough time for drawing design and ensuring the manufacture and delivery periods. The quality control points will be lined out during the planning phases to make it clear, easy to manage and avoid omissions during control procedure and ensure the correct implement of new unit program. This kind of quality management model could prevent the problem caused by design based on experience and subjectivity, to conduct according to standards and ensure the design quality. This kind of model could prevent the omission problems of design interface coordination or design input, and prevent the common disease and frequently-occurring diseases of design. Established the development and design quality management system based on efficient management through the tasks represent in the paper. This made the design process much clearer and more controllable, which promoted meticulous quality management and quality control, promoted the normalization of design and got sustained improvements of quality management. This achievement won the first prize of management progress 2010 of DTC.
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