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Study design and operation of automotive aftermarket parts management system

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Tutor: XuJunShan LianChaoChun
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Service parts management,service parts stream,operation stream,demand forecast,a
CLC: F426.471
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the comprehensive development of international and domestic car market, the competition of vehicle enterprises transferred from the product & quality to the after sales service gradually, and the most important thing of the after sales service is the supply & management of spare parts.The thesis based on the after sales service work of SGMW, to find out the key elements which affect the supply & management of spare parts, from data source, the investigation into the present process of construction work, including the use or design of EWO /EPL/SSSP /SPDM/SAP2000/EPC/The Claim System/The Storage and Packaging System/the accessories and fittings demand forecast systems.The uniformity, accuracy and completeness of the service data is the basic of after sales work. The article start from the data structure, according to analyze the usage element such as part name, part number, optional and model to update the SPDM system. So we can make sure the accuracy of service data in whole hog.The design & operation of SPDM & EPC is our priority. Through analysis & contrast of data stream and operation stream, we optimize & improve the work of service part strategies, service part usage, service part legend and service stock business.the system can guarantee the unification between data stream and operation stream, and ensure to convey the accurate data to every enterprise authorized service dealer promptly.Accessories demand forecast is a key link in the supply chain. The accuracy of the forecast directly related to spare parts supply and accessories sales; this will affect the customer satisfaction and enterprises operating costs & benefits. We based on the ABC taxonomies and move average theory, refer to the history sales data of service parts, to staple the accessories and spare parts in warehouse to find the different type of prediction models. The method is useful for the spare parts demand forecast work.In short, the point of view & methods are summarized from actual management work of the parts, so we also need according the actual work to improve it. Then it can serve our spare parts management work better.
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