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CN100 auto body stamping die development of concurrent engineering research

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Tutor: LiDongBo WangJianRong
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Body in white design,Development of stamping die,Concurrent engineering
CLC: U468.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the increasingly competition in automotive market. The development of new vehicle competitive capabilities, has become the domestic and foreign auto company¡¯s core competitiveness. However, the important part of new vehicle development process would be large body panel stamping die development, determine the rate of introduction of new vehicle.In recent years, major automakers had introduced new models, improvement at least 80% projects for the medium, that is only the appearance of the entire vehicle for new style, new development of body and interior and exterior trim, engine and chassis in accordance with the modular combination, and do not need to re-developed. Therefore, development of automotive body stamping die has become the largest investment and the longest period of development for new models. Committed to shorten the development cycle, has become a-major automotive companies to improve their core competitiveness of the main endeavors.On how to shorten the development cycle of automobile body press dies, the current general trend in the use of concurrent engineering methods for product and process development research, in order to shorten the development cycle. However, current automotive body press die development of concurrent engineering, only limited to a certain stage of product development or die development process of concurrent engineering and other local research, To develop new models of cars and large press die development, the whole process and research is basically vacancy.. Lead to auto companies to shorten the development cycle of new models of work performance is not significant.In this paper, take our company CN100 die develop as example, use computer simulation analysis, development process input and output management, organizational project management, concurrent engineering, matrix theory and methods, the development of new models from the shape of design to manufacturing the whole process for simultaneous engineering research. Combine with some domestic and oversea advanced auto body stamping die development experience, had come out with shape design, auto body parts structure design, die structure design, die manufacturing process, sample vehicle manufacturing, and other key operational concurrent engineering between process principles and methods. The method is used CN100 develop process, fully achieve of product development and facility tooling. That will ensure the quality of the development under premise of the entire development cycle of new models, such as 24 months original plan had reduced to 18 months, The feedback shows, development of new models has become a follow-up to carry out development planning, organizational development, definition of deliverables such as the links between the important reference work.
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