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Study on Application of Statistical Process Control in Food Manufacture Process

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Tutor: NieBin;HuJingShan
School: Tianjin University
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: SPC,control chart,food,microbiological surveillance
CLC: C81
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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This article firstly statistical process control related theory knowledge to make full review. Mainly analyses the statistical process control and control chart the basic principle, the implementation steps, prevention principle, sentenced to different criteria, enumerated several kind of common experiment design method of control chart. Based on a review of related literatures, this paper with experimental design method of control chart for the core, comprehensive discusses how to use the technology statistical process control of pure water production process controlling the microbiology indicators of quality monitoring system. Based on the study of the method, this paper using a statistical process control and control chart of pure water production of microorganisms during monitoring as the research object, and the necessity and feasibility in enterprise product important index of food microorganism monitoring -- for example, validation statistical process control in the small food enterprise production process of maneuverability and actual effect. Purpose is through the implementation of the statistical process control, to determine the key point, and the process of the measurement system analysis, on the collection and analysis of experiment data, using the control chart gain control product quality, reduce the best production conditions of microbial pollution, and to improve the results were analyzed, finally realizes the production process optimization and continuous improvement.This research provides relevant data showed that, in the small and medium-sized enterprises in the implementation of food in statistical process control, and introduction of food microorganism monitoring statistical process control for enterprises to discover in time and to effectively prevent and control in the production process of the microbial pollution produced by microbial pollution caused, minimizing the potential harm. This helps to reduce production cost of food enterprises and constantly improve food quality and enterprise competitive, also be helpful for reducing, reducing and eliminating food enterprise processing the risk and reduce government regulation of pressure. Experimental results show that the implementation of food enterprise in the small statistical process control, while in food microbiology monitoring promotion, implementation SPC has certain economic benefits and social benefits. This method is not only suitable for food microbiology monitoring process control, but also for the production process of food enterprise other technical indicators control provides the solutions for reference.
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