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Study of Essential Safety Improve of Zhaizhen Main Mine Production Systems

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Tutor: LiXingDong
School: Shandong University of Science and Technology
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Intrinsic Safety,Industrial Engineering,System Engineering
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the increasing of depth and scale of coal mining,natural disasters like roof, gas, coal spontaneous combustion, dust, groundwater is quite serious in the process of working, so mine safety problem is still the important factor that influence the safety production and sustainable development of coal industry. Completing the work of production safety is the basic requirements of the enterprise survival and development, is an important component of implementing sustainable development strategy. For coal mine enterprise, improving safety production of coal and cogently safeguarding worker lives and state property security are the premise and guarantee of economic development and social progress, there into, construction of intrinsic safety at coal mines is the inevitable course to realize virtuous circle and sustainable development of mine and improve enterprise core competitiveness of coal mine enterprise.At present, the our country has spent a lot of money to support coal production system, assembly transformation of equipment and the popularization and application of the new technology, meanwhile coal mine enterprise itself is paid more and more attention to talent introduction and the modernization of management¡£Based on the above situation, this article analyzes and researches the intrinsic safety of coal mine production system in Zhaizhen mine with the theoretical basis of accident-causing theory, mechanical equipment reliability theory and the theory and method of industrial engineering, and puts forward to the methods and measures of improving the level of intrinsic safety of mine production system through the reliability analysis of some equipment of the mine main production system, which provide theoretical basis for improving equipment level of mine main production system, main mine production system, giving full play to equipment performance, and achieving the purpose of efficient and safe production in mine; and has the very good guidance function for promoting economic and efficient operation of the mine production system.
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