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The Production Sewage Treatment Scheme Economic Evaluation Research in Oil Production Factory

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Tutor: LinQiang;CaoXiaoMei
School: Tianjin University
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Sewage Disposal,Economic Indicator,Financial Evaluation
CLC: X741
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With domestic oil exploration degree unceasing enhancement, oilfield have entered a period of high water cut mining. Some oilseparation produced liquid late comprehensive moisture content up to 90%. Therefore, the oilfields wastewater treatment are more and more concerned.Sewage treatment whether the plan can run, both must put from technical craft through the examination, still should from the project analysis economic evaluation Angle. Economic evaluation is the core content of the feasibility study, project investment is an important basis for decision-making.In this paper the expenses for wastewater treatment engineering are analyzed. This paper first reviews the domestic and foreign relevant research trend and research findings, and the related to oil wastewater treatment technology and the method are introduced, using different techniques and methods, will get different sewage treatment plan. On this basis, this paper USES project economic evaluation method, this paper expounds the present value, annual value and the relationship between final value. In the process of different scheme of feasibility analysis, the time value of money is particularly important. Finally, this paper selects a sewage treatment project, according to the project proposed two process solutions, the process that technically contrast, two schemes are feasible, then respectively with value sexual index, timeliness index and more than two scheme for frivolity index economic evaluation further. From the process of the project economic two angles and makes a comprehensive analysis, obtained related conclusions.
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