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A Study on Healthcare Product Marketing Based on Data Mining Technology

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Tutor: HouKaiHu
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Database,Data mining,Health product,Marketing
CLC: F426.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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With the development of National Economy and the growth of resident income, especially after overcoming the basic problems like food and clothing in our daily life, people¡¯s consuming pattern gets started to diversify. However, until now almost the whole healthcare product industry in China has been in hot water trapped by both home and abroad competition; for example, there are not any powerful brands to support the products; consumers are increasingly losing confidence; low quality, poor research and creation and high profits motivating involve the products in a deteriorated recycle. Transnational corporations along with their superior resources crash into home market and hold the high-end markets. Therefore, fierce competition in this field spreads out, the former integrated market has also been divided into individual target markets focusing on pertinent customer groups It seems very important to pay attention to consumers and understand their interests, preferences and feels, and this is a significant issue faced by companies. Data mining technology marketing based on database can help the company know more about customers in one way, and can help to supply requisite individual products and services in proper time in another way. Since healthcare product is a kind of special commodity, whether database marketing of data mining technology can be used to increase the company¡¯s sales volume or not? What about its effect?By studying lots of home and abroad documents and using relevant information and data obtained from social survey and company practice, the present existing problems in healthcare products marketing were analyzed by this thesis, and the background selection problem and meaning of this thesis were stated. Firstly, database mining and the current healthcare products marketing situation were briefly summarized; Secondly, on the background of K company, various data mining methods and technologies like statistical analysis, correlation regulation, cluster analysis, classified analysis and automatically forecasting tendency and so on were utilized individually by this thesis with the help of database software Access 2003 and data mining software WEKA, and present customer information and social survey information were analyzed and researched; And then market and customers were subdivided, Shopping list data model was built, customers shopping list feature regulation was picked up by using software WEKA and the strong correlation regulation between customers and K company¡¯s products was obtained. Finally, this company worked out pertinent marketing strategies by using marketing theories and technology, and carried out sales promotion on target market to target customers and finally carried its point " retain regular customers, obtain new customers" as well as minimized its investment.Since data mining technology marketing was utilized, K Company¡¯s sales volume and gross profit have been increased than expectation, the cost of products has been decreased and the satisfaction degree of customers has been obviously improved. The fact has proved that healthcare product marketing based on data mining technology is feasible with the extensively used internet, abundant information and increasingly growing database in nowadays.
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