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Reaserch on Planning and Controlling Method of Order Inserting Based on Theory of Constraints

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Tutor: YangMingShun
School: Xi'an University of Technology
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Theory of Constraints,Planning and Control,Orders insertion,Insert a single algo
CLC: F273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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With economic globalization and scientific and technological development , the growing consumer demand for personalized , fast - changing market environment for production efficiency , on-time and flexible requirements rising . How to be able to formulate a more rational production plan , both to meet the individual needs of different customers , and be able to take full advantage of existing capacity , to become one of the key issues need to be resolved at this stage of the manufacturing companies . Production enterprises in the arrangement of production planning , generally based on demand forecasts and orders to carry out the arrangements for emergencies in the production process ( such as receiving new orders , chargebacks , etc. ) more difficult to deal with . Best fit customer needs and business ability based on the Theory of Constraints (TOC) production planning and control , and the introduction of the theory of constraints in dealing with dynamic instrumentation of production planning and control problems will get ideal results . In the traditional insertion single mode based on the introduction of the concepts and methods of the theory of constraints , order insertion based on the TOC production planning and control architecture , and the planning and control methods . Order to insert the orders into the possible scenarios and impact factors were analyzed , using gray relational analysis to prioritize orders to be inserted ; combination of TOC chargeback inserted single algorithm and postponed inserted single algorithm . Using the bottleneck resource monitoring of methods to decide feeding the opportunity to establish production rhythm ; bottleneck bottleneck resource conditions under the row of production problems , the workpiece postponed hand over time and plan for the period of delay workpiece number of target bottleneck resources on the critical task sort , completed the sorting algorithm . Constrained theory (TOC) management concept , the output of the production line is decided bottleneck machine production lines balanced analysis and design based on the concept of logistics balance and constraint theory of analysis of the non- bottleneck machine bottleneck machine are caused by the idle and clogging degree of design bottleneck machine before working machine and the bottlenecks machine after working machine protective capacity mode , the bottleneck machine from the non- bottleneck machine processing time fluctuations , to ensure a balanced and effective output of the logistics of the production line . On the basis of the above study , the use of the C # programming language , to combine SQL SERVER 2000 database management platform design and development of the prototype system .
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