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Study on the Teaching and Research Units Service Productivity of Shijiazhuang University of Economic

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Tutor: HanJingYuan; WangDianRu
School: Hebei University of Science and Technology
Course: Industrial Engineering
Keywords: Service Productivity,DEA,The valuation index system,shijiazhuangUniversity of Ec
CLC: G644
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Based on own characteristics of universities, the paper studies service productivity ofteaching and research units of shijiazhuang university of economics by correspondingevaluation methods. The research methods were determined by summarizing home andabroad literatures about service productivity and service productivity of universities.The principle and models of three comprehensive evaluating methods such as dataenvelopment analysis (DEA), analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and artificial neuralnetwork (ANN) were discussed. Their advantages, disadvantages and application rangewere also compared, and found that DEA method was fit of evaluating data of this paper.The evaluating index system was founded accord to requirements of DEA method andown own characteristics of universities. Four evaluating models involvingcomprehensive management, teaching, research and administration management wereestablished, and soft DEAP2.1was employed to calculate the models of fourteensecondary colleges.The paper analyze the calculated result of utilization ratio of resources in fourteensecondary colleges involving comprehensive management, teaching, research andadministration administration in detail, and the questions of secondary colleges werepointed. The analysis result provides a feasible scheme to guide future development ofshijiazhuang university of economics. The research also has guiding significance toimprove service productivity of secondary colleges.
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