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Research on Physicochemical Property and Combustion Performance of Silicon Delay Composition

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Tutor: YanShiLong
School: Anhui University of Technology
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: silicon delay composition,physicochemical property,thermaldecomposition,activati
CLC: TQ560.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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This research use variety of chemical analysis methods such as SEM, particle size analyzer, X-ray diffractometer and DTA-TG thermal analysis to test the chemical and physical properties of the same series delay compositions. And use high-speed camera and infrared thermometer to test burning speed and temperature of the same compositions.The research shows that physical properties and the chemical and physical properties are the important influencing factors for their usage except for the properties of compositions themselves.(1) Using particle size analysis and SEM analysis, it could achieve extend microscopic physical properties of the delay compositions. Combining them with XRD diffraction analysis, it could be used for the compositions¡¯ qualitative and quantitative analysis.(2) Testing the thermal properties of a trace of delay compositions with DTA-TG thermal analysis, it can be concluded the thermal decomposition characters from the reaction temperature ranges. By Ozawa method, it can be calculated the chemical parameters of thermal decomposition. The apparent activation energies of sample No.2to No.5are330.9KJ/mol,278.4KJ/mol,220.3KJ/mol, and143.9KJ/mol in turn. XRD diffraction analysis combined with thermal analysis results shows that the apparent activation energy decreases with the reducing of the oxidation¡¯s effective composition.(3) High-speed photography technology can be used as an important measurement in testing combustion speed and precision of delay compositions. The burning dynamic process can be clearly observed and the average burning rate during any period can be calculated. The research shows that the higher proportion of oxidant, the faster of burning speed within a certain range.(4) Quick response infrared thermometer used in delay compositions¡¯ combustion temperature testing is feasible. The measured data are consistent with delayed the chemical and physical properties of these compositions. The combustion temperatures are decreasing with the delay time increasing. To the same composition, the combustion temperature in loose accumulation condition is100¡æhigher than in compacted loading condition. For example, the sample No.2has the highest combustion temperature of 1517¡æand an average combustion temperature of1480¡æin loose accumulation condition, while in compacted loading condition the temperatures are1482¡æand1380¡æcorrespondingly. And it is caused by the negative oxygen-balance formula.(5) Infrared thermometer and high-speed camera compose the combustion properties test system. It can be used in testing combustion properties of delay compositions without interfere with each other efficiently.(6) Combining nature properties and combustion properties of delay compositions, it can be concluded that the most important factor influencing the using properties is the ratio of composition, and the next is the particle size and morphology, and the quantity of additives. Production and storage process would also affect the physical and chemical properties, ratio of composition, and then affect their combustion properties.
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