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Research on Determination Method of Detonator Initiating Capability

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Tutor: ZhangLi
School: Anhui University of Technology
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Measurement underwater,European standard,Influencing factor,Concellation Measure
CLC: TQ565.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the development of Chinese economy, more and more domestic civil blasting equipment enterprises want to seek opportunities to enter the international market. However, unfortunately it is hard for many existing blasting equipment inspection standards to be accepted, and what is more is that there is a lack of system for these standards. So we need to explore a practical standard for testing blasting equipments, which can be recognized by international society.It is found that it is only qualitative comparison for several common evaluation standers that is used to evaluate No.8detonator ability. Moreover, there are big errors. By referring to the European standard EN13763-15for measurement and method, actual investigation have been done in current studies combined with the actual situation.Single No.8industrial detonator is used as explosion source. The related experiments are performed in water pool with size of (?)5.5m¡Á3.62m,(?)1.18m¡Á1.22m, and (?)1.60mx1.40m respectively. The following parameters can be obtained, peak pressure of shock wave, shock wave attenuation time constant0, and bubble pulsation cycle tb.It is found that the influencing factors on underwater explosion measurements conclude temperature, total pressure, vibration of the pool body, reflex and the pool wall size. In view of these factors, the corresponding measures have been taken to eliminate these impacts. After repeated experiments, it is found that a kind of flexible foam has an advantage to eliminate the reflective wave and reduce the vibration of the pool body. This kind of material can still keep its original characteristics after hundreds of experiments. Therefore, it is suitable for widely application.It is found that the best waveforms can be obtained from the improved experimental scheme when the depth of detonators and sensor into the water is about1/2of the water depth based on the current water pool size. And finally test system and test conditions for detonator detonating ability in underwater are determined. A series of related parameters are obtained from the standard detonators with various explosive mass and shock wave, bubble energy, equivalent shock wave energy and equivalent bubble energy are calculated. These experimental results will offer reference for detonator detonating ability test in the future.
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