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The Preliminary Study of Electric Fusehead

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Tutor: XieXingHua
School: Anhui University of Technology
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: electric fusehead,C12H9N6NaO8S,electric parameters,c80micro-calorimeterChinese b
CLC: TQ565
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In recent years, related composite fusehead charge of pharmaceutical formulations, and performance studies, many researchers have done a lot of research work, and have achieved considerable results.But, existing electrical ignition charge compared with the abroad also has a gap, relatively backward. This paper experimental formula of preparation of different ratio and ignition charge to the electric powder to improve the composite fusehead, and continue to explore the best formula and mixing of reagents of composite fusehead.This paper according to the design of the composite fusehead of which the principle is accepted electric powder formula, chose the different doses of A reagent and potassium perchlorate and antimony sulfide binary content, and test the electric parameter t of each sample. To look forward to improve the performance of the composite fusehead in the premise of meeting the safety index.The experiment result of maximum safety and minimum ignition current shows that No.1and No.2reagent formula of electric fusehead found that the biggest security current is too small after testing, minimum ignition current is too large, they failed to meet the national standards. Although the biggest security current of NO.4meet the national standard, but the minimum ignition current slightly higher, has yet to be further research and improvement.NO.3electric fusehead two standards in line meet national requirements, depth study can be carried out according to the test formulation.Experimental results of the impact energy of ignition shows that the ignition energy of NO.3electric fusehead is8.15,in the range of2.7-8.7. But it also needs a great number of subsequent studies to improve the performance of electric fusehead.The ignition time testing of N0.3electric fusehead shows that the ignition time volatile.,and did not meet the national standard requirements. Analyze the reasons, adding a certain amount of minium and boron powder on the basis of the original formula, and then re-test it, the results conform to the requirements of the national standard.Made the preliminary exploration of electric fusehead with extension function, and did the test about the delay time,we foud that it can pull in delay time difference, but because the experiment of artificial operation error is bigger, data volatile bigger, it also need a lot of work to do the further research.
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