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Study on the Extraction Process of Ursolic Acid from Eriobotrya Japonica Leaves

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Tutor: ChenKaiXun
School: Northwestern University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Loquat,Ursolic acid,Extract,Purification,Column chromatography
CLC: TQ914.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2005
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Ursolic acid is an organic triterpene acids , have a calming, anti-inflammatory , enhance immunity , anti-bacterial , whitening , anti-cancer and other pharmacological effects , In recent years, China Medical Sciences Cancer Hospital is expected to be low toxicity experiment proved effective new natural anti - cancer drugs , which are increasingly subject to the attention of many scholars . Ursolic acid detailed summary of recent research papers , including the nature of ursolic acid , pharmacological effects and clinical applications , in the nature, distribution and analysis methods ; research as raw materials, the Yunnan Honghe production of loquat extract , separation and purification of ursolic acid conditions , obtained a viable process route ; and three ursolic acid analysis system research , supporting the overall process analysis method . The resultant process conditions as follows: (1) loquat dried after crushing , over a 20-40 mesh sieve , added to 12 - fold amount of anhydrous ethanol , 90 ¡ã C using a Soxhlet extractor reflux extraction for 10 hours under reduced pressure recovery solvent extract . (2) the extracted segment resulting extract to add 20-25 times to 4 times the amount of the petroleum ether impurity , 3-4 times every 25 hours , ethanol and purified , obtained ursolic early products . ( 3) refining the resultant ursolic early products were dissolved with anhydrous ethanol , and purified by column chromatography on silica gel , the speed of the upper column to 48ml / h , chloroform as eluant , was eluted to 72ml / h ; The resulting eluate decompression recovery solvent at -5 ¡æ recrystallized with anhydrous ethanol to give white needle crystals . Products by HPLC analysis , ursolic acid content of 95% or more .
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