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The restructuring C_9 aromatics extracted Mesitylene research

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Tutor: ShenJian GuZhengGui
School: Nanjing Normal University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: Extractive distillation,Mesitylene,C9 aromatic hydrocarbon,Extractant
CLC: TQ241.15
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2005
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This article provides an overview of mesitylene dyes , pharmaceuticals , chemicals and other so the Chen- domain applications ; synthesis separation mesitylene access to a large number of domestic and foreign literature , summarize and analyze the advantages of the various synthetic methods of separation shortcomings of the Extractive distillation method is the production of mesitylene an effective method . Currently , production Mesitylene raw materials mainly come from the re-engineering C 9 aromatics bottoms . The bottoms mesitylene very low levels , must be pretreated . The batch distillation pretreatment ; the distillates by measuring the temperature and composition of the curve , to determine the optimum operating conditions , to ensure that the content and yield of mesitylene higher ; pretreated feedstock containing mainly mesitylene , o consists of benzene and partial three toluene . Starting from the currently exist various solvents physicochemical properties and molecular structure of the analysis , combined with the literature reports , twelve categories solvent selected ten solvent the temperature balance autoclave using homemade Determination of relative volatility , by comparison, to obtain dibutyl phthalate (DBP) is an effective solvent for separating purified mesitylene . Measured using the high-temperature vapor-liquid equilibrium still mesitylene, o consists of benzene and partial three toluene binary and ternary vapor-liquid equilibrium data and thermodynamic consistency test ; using the least squares method combined with VLE data associated with vapor-liquid equilibrium model . Determination and simulation results show that : the Wilson model relative error smaller extractive distillation process for to separate C 9 aromatics mesitylene suitable model . Using Chromatography C 9 of each component in the phthalate, dibutyl (DBP) in the infinite dilution activity coefficients (γ ∞ ), combined with the one-parameter method simulation of the Wilson model parameters . Preparation of the VB program , combined with three pairs of diagonal matrix method simulation extractive distillation process , and examines the reflux ratio and solvent ratio , number of theoretical plates , solvent and raw material feed position of the extraction separation for the next trial the data base . In this paper, the solvent , binary and ternary VLE data and simulation results for the extractive distillation process for the production of mesitylene pilot and industrial application provides a theoretical basis .


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