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Effects of Intensitive Cycling of Papermaking Water on Sizing and Its Improvement

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Tutor: WuZongHua
School: Fujian Normal University
Course: Applied Chemistry
Keywords: high degree of recycling of production water,AKD,sizing,the time of curing of si
CLC: TS727.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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At present, with the paper of new standards for wastewater discharge in the country was put into effect, in order to solve the wastewater treatment and recycling, paper-making enterprises will improve the paper recycling rate. But after a high degree of recycling of water, the efficiency of wet-end chemistry dropped significantly such as paper sizing agent, as paper-making industry the technical problems were urgent to solve. The effort of laboratory papermaking water cycles on water quality in this study was investigationed, and the results show that the use of laboratory papermaking water after each cycle of its conductivity, turbidity, COD and anionic degree were increased variously. Found that the greatest impact anionic trash after comparison of the water in the papermaking pH, inorganic salts, anionic trash and other effects on AKD sizing. By adding different charge density and molecular weight cationic polymer particles and their combinations as the fixed agent of AKD, which may significantly improve the effectiveness and aging time, meanwhile will be the agent of large positive charge density, but no obvious effect on the molecular shape. Improving the retention of the particles such as micro fiber and reducing the degree in papermaking water anion are the roles of cationic polymer. The emulsifying agent of AKD was synthesized, which was cation styrene/butyl acrylate emulsion. By examining the reaction time, reaction temperature, initiator, cationic monomer and other conditions on the performance of the emulsifier, it optimized synthesis. Meanwhile synergies in Rosin Size of polymer were examined after a deep degree of water recycling in the papermaking. Also a synergistic was screened, which has a significant effect.
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