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Numerical Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics on the Bone of Insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus

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Tutor: GuoTongTong
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Mechanics
Keywords: insulin,bone remodeling,BMD,Reference incentives
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Insulin diabetes is a common diabetes, and osteoporosis dependent on insulindiabetes is one of its recurring complications, with a high probability of fracture.Domestic and foreign scholars believe that insulin is by acting on osteoblasts,affecting its osteogenic effect thereby destroying the normal bone and recycling, andeventually led to the loss of bone mass and osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a resu lt ofthe role of the internal environment and mechanical environment performance led toincreased bone Reference Value for insulin deleted, making the bone densitydecreases, and eventually lead to osteoporosis in bone remodeling theory. Thepurpose of this subject is bone remodeling equation simulation and analysis of theabove-mentioned process of Reference Value obtained after illness by the state ofinsulin concentration decreases.Using a computer simulation method, bone remodeling theory, this subject is toget the cancelous bone density changes of the microscopic structure of the numericalanalysis of bone remodeling, with the the SD rat femur. First to determine the initialreference excitation of healthy rat model, and then in accordance with20%,40%,60%,80%ratio is increased, then take the resulting series of the initial referenceexcitation corresponding to the different models into the marrow recycling equationsfor the three-dimensional reconstruction model simulation of bone remodelingprocess. The series of average apparent density of the model are obtained, then getthe percentage of the density decreases when it reached equilibrium.With computer simulation, to obtain experimental bone density, bring in a lotof healthy female SD rats of ten months old, experimental group were injected withstreptozotocin (STZ), so that these kinds of rats are suffering from insulin diabetes.The sick group are killed step by step in0,3,6,9weeks after pathogenic, and thebones are extracted, partial to study the microstructure of the right proximal femur.After a CT scan, read with CTan average0,3,6,9weeks microcosmic trabecularbone mineral density. Calculated BMD reduced percentage from0weeks to9weeks,the rate of change of the microstructure trabecular density is28.53%. In each groupreference excitation that the model density variation rate was28.53¡À0.5%of thereference excitation value is suffering from insulin diabetic osteoporosis referencestimulus value. The results found that each Reference Value in increasing thedensity change rate of20%is closest to the experimental paper to solve the optimalreference excitation rough Reference Value in increments of20%of the originalReference Value optimization program, then by optimization procedure to optimize the reference value of the finite element model, finally get the reference excitationvalue:0.213J/g,0.237J/g,0.446J/g,0.00578J/g,0.0530J/g,0.148J/g,1.051J/g,1.446J/g,2.279J/g.The paper concludes that when research on osteoporosis and bone remodelingof diabetes dependent on insulin,1.2times of the initial Reference Value as theReference Value after illness will be right. The innovation of this paper is thatsimulating the process of osteoporosis of insulin diabetes and getting insulindeficiency state of Reference Value. This process is to provide ideas for the future toexplore the state changes in biochemical markers of bone recycling processsimulation.
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