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Mechanical Properties of Fricition Connected Components in Wind Turbine Steel Tower

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Tutor: FanYouHua
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Mechanics
Keywords: steel tower,flange connection,friction connection,frictionimpedance,finite eleme
CLC: TU391
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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In recent decades, since many countries invest a lot of human and financial resources and financial support in the research of the wind turbines, makes fan technology continues to mature. But now the single machine fan cost is still quite huge, so, improving the single machine capacity, and reducing the cost of fan, becomes the main methods of improving market competitiveness. As the important component of a wind turbine, which accounts for10%¡«25%of the wind turbine cost, and the main forms of the existing tower is flange connection weld steel pylon tube. So according to the existing towers for optimization and improvement, finding a better alternative to meet the various needs of the purpose of reducing cost are particularly important. This paper studied friction connection with the alternative flange connection in the way of the application of the tower drum, the main research contents and results are outlined as follows:First of all, I analyzed the Wylliam Husson flat friction connection experiment, and what kind of friction structure of the form to obtain the best performance, and then, on the basis of experimental model with Z-1¡Á3for analysis object study the transverse load impedance of the influence of friction. According to the change of displacement obtained graph, combined with the European standard3:steel structure design:part1-8:design of joints, deducing the new friction impedance design formula. Results show that the horizontal load is a factor that we cannot ignore to the effect of friction impedance.Second, according to the steel tower of wind turbines by the properties, with W. Husson design standards, to give the friction connected in tower cylinder on application design reference guide. This design standard out of the tower drum the structure of the joint bolt numbers is more than W. Husson bolt numbers average gained the8¡«11. So the new design specification is more security to the safety of the joints in steel tower.Finally, with the3D modeling software SOLIDWORKS established two kinds of tower drum of joints simplified models entity. Then using the ABAQUS finite element software emphasis on the model under the condition of the limit load of statics analysis, through the stress and displacement map for condition and so on, can meet the performance requirements and good performance evaluation index evaluation index. Then, the way to improve in the domestic market is put into application of cost analysis. The results show that, in static limit load condition connection method can satisfy the friction of the tower drum strength requirement, in the domestic market costs also extremely market prospect.
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