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Mechanism Analysis of Shape Memory Alloy Reinforced Concrete Columns

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Tutor: GuoShaoHua
School: Central South University
Course: Mechanics
Keywords: shape memory alloy,reinforcement mechanism,ultimatebearing capacity,restoring fo
CLC: TU375.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Shape memory alloy is a kind of new functional material which has both perception and driving functions, it has the characteristics of shape memory effect and super elasticity. At present, Shape memory alloy is mainly used for the structure of the active and passive control in the field of civil engineering, that¡¯s little application in the aspect of structure reinforcement. In this paper, based on the shape memory effect of shape memory alloy, we propose a method which reinforced concrete cylindrical by shape memory alloy, analyze its reinforcement mechanism emphatically and prove it by experiment and calculation.In this paper, in order to study the mechanism of shape memory alloy reinforced concrete columns, First, by studying the literature research to understand the various features and working principle of shape memory alloy, then analyze the force and destruction of the concrete cylinders, and summarize a various of strengthening methods. On the basis of fully understanding the property of shape memory alloy, we analyze the reinforcing mechanism of reinforced concrete columns by shape memory alloy. At the same time, we derive the calculation method of ultimate bearing capacity in four states which are axial compression concrete columns of ordinary, with damage, winding with shape memory alloy and reinforced by shape memory alloy.This text, we carry out the axial compression tests of the plain concrete columns, the concrete cylindrical wrapped with no stretch shape memory alloy and the concrete cylindrical reinforced by shape memory alloy, measure the strain and ultimate bearing capacity values of concrete columns in three states. The results show that, the compressive strength of concrete cylinder reinforced by shape memory alloy has been greatly improved, relative to the ultimate bearing capacity of the plain concrete columns increase by nearly31%. Finally, we build the model of concrete cylindrical using the general-purpose finite element calculation software ANSYS, and get the ultimate bearing capacity by static analysis, then compare with the formula calculation results, they are consistent. According to the results, the ultimate bearing capacity of reinforced concrete columns with shape memory alloy all increased3.2times than the plain concrete columns. It shows that, shape memory alloy reinforced concrete columns can significantly increase the compressive strength. The test and calculation results proved the mechanism analysis in this paper.
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