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Analysis of Mechanical Behavior for E-shaped Steel Bearings

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Tutor: LiXianFang
School: Central South University
Course: Mechanics
Keywords: E-shaped steel,elastoplastic analysis,isolation bearings,finiteelement analysis
CLC: TU392.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Shock absorption and aseismatic construction are key problems of the structural design in civil engineering field. In recent years, loss due to earthquake becomes larger with the growth of the urbanization level in our country. Hence, isolation bearings in structural design are widely applied in China. In this paper, the mechanical properties and recovery features of E-shaped steel isolation bearings used in bridges are studied. The vibration isolation performance in the practical engineering is analyzed by ANSYS. Main contributions are as follows:1. Elastoplastic mechanics theory is applied to analyze stress distribution and the restoring forces characteristics of E-shaped steel when subjected to displacement loads. A finite element transient dynamics analysis is simulated by using ANSYS software for E-shaped steel under the action of low cyclic loading experiments. The FEM results agree with the theoretical predictions.2. The tension tests of Q345B steel which is used to fabricate steer bearings are done, and mechanical properties such as elasticity modulus and yield stress are measured. Also, the stiffness, yield strength and yield displacement of E-shaped steel are obtained under low cyclic loading tests by controlling its displacement. The characteristic curve of restoring forces is plotted.3. Isolation bearings are simulated by nonlinear connection with input of the hysteresis curve in MIDAS CIVIL. A comparison of the seismic responses of a bridge with or without isolation bearings is made, inferring the priority of isolation bearings to other common bearings.
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