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Study on the Traction of the Anti-skid System of the Pure Electric Vehicle

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Tutor: ZhengLiang
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Mechanics
Keywords: electric vehicle,vehicle dynamic,traction control,ADAMS co-simulation
CLC: U469.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Currently, the vehicle has become one of the most useful transportations, and withthe exacerbating of the environment pollution and the lack of energy, the energy sourcesof the vehicle now become gradually clean and highly efficient. The developing of theelectric vehicle can make a progress to solving the problems of the environment andenergy, so the key technologies of the EV (electric vehicle) are the main melody of theautomobile technology in the new century. And along with the science and technologyprogress, vehicle¡¯s security technology has gradually become a main part of theresearch. Such as the anti-brake control system (ABS), traction control system (TCS).For the reason of the motor driving of the EV, the traction control of the EV is moreefficient to the traditional internal-combustion engine vehicles. So the research on thetraction control of the EV is of great significance.This paper analyzes the longitudinal dynamic of the EV, and expounds the dynamicmodel of the rear in-wheel motor drive pure EV in detail. Combing with the current ofthe traction control system technical problems: the tire road adhesion coefficientestimation, it describes an estimation method based at the electrical parameters of theEV. The virtual prototype of the rear in-wheel drive EV is build at the professionalmechanical system dynamic analysis software ADAMS. By learning the traction controlmethod of the traditional vehicle, a repairing traction control method is proposed baseon the maximum transmissible torque estimation after using the advantage of thedriving motor. A fuzzy logic controller used for the traction control is designed inchapter3by utilizing the knowledge and hand-on experience of the specialist. Thetraction control system which is designed in this paper will be set up at the MATLABsimulation module SIMULINK. And under the communication of the MATLAB andADAMS, the co-simulation about the EV is processed in real time.The longitudinal dynamic of the rear in-wheel drive EV is studied in detail in thispaper. And traction control system based on the fuzzy algorithm is designed to set upthe co-simulation with the virtual prototype of the EV. The results of the co-simulationrevealed that the EV without TCS will slip while it arrive the slippery part of the road.And the EV which is assembled the TCS can maintain the stability and safety when itdriving around the slippery road.
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