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Mechanical Analysis and Control of Lateral Stability for Four Wheel Independent Drive Electric Vehic

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Tutor: ZhengLiang
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Mechanics
Keywords: dynamic model,sideslip angle estimator,Unscented Kalman Filter,lateral stability
CLC: U469.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Recently, electric vehicle has been a research hotspot for the quick response,precise measurement and easily controlled of the electric motor. In order to improvethe lateral stability of the vehicle, a four-wheel-drive mode is selected to implementinto the vehicle driven system. For a high speed running electric vehicle, afour-wheel-steering control system is always applied to stabilize the lateral motionutilizing the lateral tire forces. However, the dynamic characteristic research ofelectric vehicle, such as the dynamic model for the whole EV, the estimation ofcrucial lateral stability parameters and the methods for the EV¡¯s lateral stabilitycontrol are in a fledging period. The subject comes from Shenzhen Science andtechnology research and development funds basic research project and the concreteresearch content is as follows:First of all, studied the lateral characteristics of electric vehicle and establishedthe eight-degree-of-freedom dynamic model on the basis of the research for theMagic Formula tire model. Constructed the whole vehicle dynamic model underMATLAB/SIMULINK platform and conducted simulations under differentsituations by comparative analysis with the results obtained in CarSim environment.Then, an estimator was designed to estimate the sideslip angle of the electricvehicle, which is a crucial parameter to the EV¡¯s lateral stability. The sideslip angle,which can¡¯t be measured directly by sensors, was observed by applying theavailable measured parameters such the longitudinal acceleration, the lateralacceleration and the yaw rate with some workable algorithms. Based on a solidstudy on the previous work done by others, an extended nonlinear dynamic modelwas proposed and the sideslip angle estimator is designed with a combination of theproposed model and the Unscented Kalman Filter. A validation was done by acomparative study of the estimated sideslip angle between the proposed estimatorand other estimators in previous paper.Finally, a four-wheel-steering control system for the electric vehicle wasconstructed with the two-degree-of-freedom dynamic model. A combined controlmethod was proposed after a much deeper research done on the front wheelfeed-forward control method and the yaw rate feed-back control method.Simulations were conducted under different situations to verify the effectiveness ofthe proposed control method.In this paper, detailed theoretical analysis and different simulations wereimplemented in the four wheel independent drive electric vehicle. The work has the important theory significance and application value of reference for the research oflateral stability of electric vehicle.
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