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Research on the Authorization Security of Role Based Access Control in Cloud Computing Service

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Tutor: LiRenFa
School: Hunan University
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: Cloud computing,temporal constraint,role-based constraint,computational complexi
CLC: TP393.08
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Due to the high dynamics and uncertainty of cloud computingenvironment, there is complicated relationship between the local policiesof domains. And the calculation models and the access control policies ofdifferent domains are often different. It brings more security challenges tothe access control of workflows in cloud computing environment. To solvethe problem, we carry out research on the authorization security of rolebased access control in cloud computing service. The main works are asfollows:Firstly, we study temporal constraints and role-based constraints, andpropose Temporal Constraint Consistency Problem (TCCP). We study thecomputational complexities of TCCP in different subcases and generate avalid assignment to satisfy all the constraints, then reduce them intogeneral P, NP and NP-Hard problems. By this way, we can provide apossible solution to the conflicting constraints which may coexist in acloud computing environment.Secondly, we study a new security access control model for theworkflow system in cloud computing service on the basis of the traditionalRBAC model. With the rapid development of computer technology, cloudcomputing has made great progress. The CCSRBAC model supports threetypes of role hierarchies: I-hierarchy, A-hierarchy and IA-hierarchy, whichcan effectively reflect the workflow tasks in cloud computing service.Finally, we propose a new roles set assignment algorithm-OptimizedRoles Set (ORS) algorithm. ORS algorithm optimizes the process of roleassignment to satisfy the task requests of workflow system in cloudcomputing service, which also takes the PRE and MER constraints intoconsideration, and ensure the cooperated work of workflow. According tothe comparison of the simulation results, the proposed ORS algorithm hasoverall better performance than the MUR algorithm on the role assignmentnumber£¬role assignment response time and role conflicts. What¡¯s more,we also study a Exact Match algorithm on the base of ORS algorithm,which is effective in covering all the task requests and satisfying all the security constraints in the process of role assignment, and ensure theauthorization security of Role Based Access Control in cloud computingService.
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