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Research and Improvement of Distributed Lookup Protocol Based on Chord

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Tutor: LuKaiNing
School: Tianjin University
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: p2p,chord,C2chord,Resources positioning,P2PSim
CLC: TP393.02
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The environment of computer communication is becoming more and morecomplex. P2P (peer to peer) overlay network, as an important part of the hybridnetwork, is constantly been concerned about. Studies on the P2P overlay network arevaried. It is one of the most important problems whether we can finish resourcelocating efficiently, and it is also directly related to the following sharing of resoures.Among all these resources positioning algorithms proposed by researchers, the Chordproposed by MIT is a typical representative. It is a searching algorithm based on DHT,and it has good property of expansion, reliability and load balance, while there aresome inadequacies.In this dissertation, the classic structured chord resources positioning algorithmis firstly analyzed. After analyzing the realization and fundamental features of thechord algorithm, a new algorithm called C2chord is proposed to improve it. The two-layer routing, the three-level finger table and the reverse inquires are used in C2chordto reduce the hops of searching and time required in the whole process. On the otherhand, the network address and host address are used as layer identification to decreasethe delay cased by the separation of the physical address and the logical address. Toguarantee better reliability, nodes of good property are used as host nodes andback-up host nodes, which improved the fault tolerance of the whole system.Then this new algorithm C2chord is simulated in P2PSim, and compared withthe classic chord algorithm. The simulation results proved that the improvedalgorithm is more effective. It reduces the hops of searching and the delay. And it alsohas better performance than the original algorithm.
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