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Research on the Key Technologies of Space-borne Remote Sensing Image Compression Cores

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Tutor: ZhangZuo
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: remote sensing image,JPEG2000algorithm,space-borne system,ADV202
CLC: TP751
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Since high resolution remote sensing images have a large volume of data andthere is little time for satellite to downlink data. It is a very critical problem tohandle the huge amounts of remote sensing image data. Space-borne remote sensingimage compression system is different with compression system on ground. A lot offactors must be considered, such as the volume of the system, power consumption,processing speed and quality etc. It is very significant for theoretical significanceand engineering practice to study space-borne remote sensing image compressionsystem under space-borne circumstances.JPEG2000standard is one of the most excellent compression algorithms. It isvery important for remote sensing image data compression. But it is designed forgeneral images. When it is used in remote sensing image data, there will be someinevitable problems. This paper focuses on improve the algorithm quality and speedand designed and implemented a compression core based on JPEG2000standard.Firstly, space-borne remote sensing image compression system is different withcompression system on ground. The parameters, such as volume, powerconsumption and processing speed, must meet the demand of satellite environment.It is significant to study JPEG2000standard and the feature of remote sensingimages.Secondly, proposed a rapid compressing algorithm for remote sensing imagesbased on different scenes. In the conventional observation mission, it is highlyconcerned that whether the remote sensing images received for satellite containenough information that users need. There is a need to build a reconfigurableparameter collection for different scenes. Also, study on global rate allocation forhuge remote sensing images and truncation technique based on the same pass arevery important.Lastly, a parallel architecture of compression cores was designed based ontheoretical basis. Since the remote sensing image data is very large and the limitedchannel bandwidth, image compression is very necessary. Because of processinglimit of a single compression core, there is need to calculate the exactly number ofcompression cores according to the parameters of the whole space-borne remotesensing image compression system. Study on the issue of data allocation and imagedata compression is very important. In this paper, a space-borne remote sensingimage compression core was designed and implemented using integrated chips, suchas FPGA and ADV202. Expound the principle of chip configuration and module design. PC software was designed based on VC platform, which enablescommunication between PC and image compression core.
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