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The Research of Situation Assessment Technology in Information Fusion System and System Implementati

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Tutor: YuXiaoYou
School: Hunan University
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: Information Fusion,Situation Assessment,Rough Sets,Vague Sets,Evidence Theory,Ar
CLC: TP202
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the rapid development of digital information society, especially computertechnology, microelectronics technology, communication technology and sensortechnology, the diversity and complexity of modern warfare are increasing. The singlesensor can¡¯t guarantee that the system provide accurate and effective information atany time. The system have to synthesize the information of variety of sensoreffectively for achieving the accurate, timely and reliable results. So all kinds ofmulti-sensor information fusion system, oriented complicated application object, areappearing constantly. Situation assessment is the key information technology for highlevel processing of information fusion system, and its abilities of providing real-timeestimation and auxiliary decision-making have very important significance in modernbattlefield. The thesis aims to study situation assessment method, and apply themethod to the actual situation assessment system. The specific studies and results areas follows:(1)The thesis briefly introduces the related situation assessment theory. Thesituation assessment, for decision level fusion, is the two-level processing ofinformation fusion system. Its essence is aware of the process of perceiving,understanding and predicting the extracted situation elements.(2) Some commonly situation assessment methods are analyzed in last decade. Dueto the estimation process depending on domain knowledge too much, a situationassessment method based on rough-vague sets and D-S evidential theory is putforward in the thesis: obtaining target simple decision table with history data,detecting target maneuver event by building events of Vague sets, fusing target eventresults at different time by evidence synthesis formula and acquiring the situationassessment results finally. Event detection process of this method does not requireany domain knowledge.(3) The thesis designs and implements a situation assessment system that uses C/Smode based on ArcGIS (a geographic information system software). The situationdata from one-level processing is stored on the server, then the client applicationaccesses and processes the data on the server by ADO.NET and middleware providedby ArcGIS. It realizes the2D target displaying, target track displaying, playback and3d target displaying by interface of ArcGIS Engine. It also realizes the situation assessment method proposed in the thesis, provides the assessment results to query forthe user and display in a GIS layer. The assessment test proves that the system hasgood estimation performance, can update the target quickly and smoothly, and hasplayed a very good assisted effect for commanders to make correct decision.
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