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Research on Theories and Methods of Customer Requirement Information Processing

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Tutor: ZhouZuDe
School: Wuhan University of Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: Customer Requirement Information,acquisition document,clusteringanalysis,standar
CLC: TP391.1
Type: PhD thesis
Year:  2013
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Customer Requirement Information is the foundation of product configuration for an enterprise, which is also a crucial factor affecting sales volume in the product market. Along with the development of technologies in electronic business, it is a mainstream that the enterprise is employing the Web for customer requirement information acquisition because the Web is normalizable, efficient and practicable. However, due to the fact that customer requirement information obtained by the Web exsits characteristics of diversity, fuzziness and concealment so that it must be classified, processed and mapped by the enterprise, which will be able to really serve the enterprise in subsequent product configuration.After some related theoretical research, this thesis proposes a novel processing theories and methods to solve some existing problems caused by traditional methods in accordance with the comprehensive procedure of customer requirement information processing and the enterprise target of modular product configuration.According to the limitations in the comprehensive procedure (acquisition¡úclassification¡úprocessing¡úmapping) for customer requirement information processing studied by domestic and foreign researchers, the thesis will develop innovative research for improving their work and compensate some lackness. The main work is as follows:(1) According to the characteristics of customer requirement information in the Web, a customer requirement information acquistion document is introduced and constructed based on the standard model of customer requirement information. The customer requirement information acquistion document is able to construct the structures and features for customer requirement information, and it is readable, exchangeable and practical for an enterprise information system. Also, some related mathematics model of the customer requirement information acquistion document are built for the subsequent clustering analysis and standardized processing.(2) A quantitative standardized analysis method is created to solve the non quantitative problems in customer requirement information. Based on the quantitative standardized analysis method, a GCRI-centroid clustering algorithm is introduced, which will not only achieve classification related to product configuration but also provide processing levels for standardized processing.(3) The rules of fuzzy set and word segmentation are constructed for identify and extact useful features in customer requirement information with a complex structure. The artificial intelligence method is introduced to combine with those rules for processing customer requirement information. Moreover, a deterministic analysis method of weights for customer requirement information is proposed.(4) Both the models of standardized customer requirement information and enterprise product configuration module are construced through the research of modular product configuration theory. A mapping method is introduced on the basis of those two models, which can effectively avoid confusion problem and simplify the formulation of product module combination scheme.The implementation of a smart phone case indicates that the novel methods above are practical, rationality and validity in comprehensive procedure of customer requirement information processing.
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