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The Search of Privacy-preserving Matchmaking for Mobile Social Networking

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Tutor: JiangShaoQuan
School: University of Electronic Science and Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: mobile social network,privacy preserving,matchmaking protocol,privateset interse
CLC: TP393.08
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Recently, the technology of mobile networking is developing rapidly, attractingmore and more intelligent terminal (such as mobile, PAD) to access it. Matchmakingapplications enable users to discover and interact with existing and potential friends inboth the cyberspace and in the real world. In the network, driven by the enormouseconomic profit, cybercrimes are developing in this field too. How to protect the users¡¯privacy during the matchmaking process is a critical problem. In the applications ofmatchmaking, users want to discover the friends; on the other hand, they don¡¯t willingto public their personal information. This is a challenge for the service provider.Aiming at this problem, we study the applications of matchmaking in MSN, makea deep analysis in principle of technology of the privacy preserving and propose ourmatchmaking schemes. The main contents are as following:1. The system architectures are designed.According to the characteristic of the mobile networking, we proposed a privacypreserving matchmaking scheme.2. The matchmaking protocols and friend recommendation algorithm are proposed.In this paper, the matchmaking protocols which support privacy preserving areproposed. The initiator can find his matching candidates, where the best-matches withrespect to the size of common attributes are found and their common attributes are thenexchanged. However, users not in the best-matches only know the size of the commonattributes with the initiator and nothing beyond this.We discuss the arbitration mechanisms for the protocol to detect malicious userswho are cheating the others. Friend recommendation algorithm is also discussed.3. The correctness and security analysis against malicious attacks are presented.The theoretical analysis is performed to prove the correctness and security of theprotocol.4. The simulations are performed.The simulation results indicate that our scheme has a good performance andscalability. According to the theoretical analysis and simulations, our matchmaking protocolsare verified to be more secure and better performance.
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