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Research on Fire Positioning Algorithm of Inframed Image Based on Geographic Imformation System

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Tutor: ShaXueJun
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: forest-fire prevention,image recognition,spatial positioning,FPGA,anti-interfere
CLC: TP391.41
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Being as the foundation throughout the sustainable, rapid and healthydevelopment of national economic£¬forest holds a irreplaceable status and role innational economic construction and sustainable development. As the frequentlyoccurred natural disaster, forest fire causes serious damage and harm to ecosystem,forest resources and human lives and property.Therefore the importance offorest-fire prevention is overwhelming, as a result, work of forest-fire ought to betreated seriously and untiringly in a long term.prevention.At present, China¡¯sforest-fire prevention work has made some progress, but overall it is still in a lowerlevel, exploring advanced fire detection and means of identification,establishingscientific forest-fire monitoring and suppression system is very urgent. GIS-basedvideo surveillance technology together with DEM (digital elevation model),monitoring point data and digital Pan Tilt, are able to accurately locate forest firepoint,and greatly improve the level of intelligent video surveillance system to ensurethe early detection, early positioning and early fighting of forest fires, It can play amajor role in the field of forest anti-fire suppression.This Dissertation focused on three technical issues in the forest-fire GIS:dynamic monitoring and identification of forest fire image, the spatial positioning ofthe forest fire, and anti-interference techniques. In visible light video image firedetection, based on the brightness character of the forest fires,digital imageprocessing techniques, methods, and identification process is discussed. In thespatial positioning of the forest fires, based on various parameters of pan-tilt andDEM, principles and algorithms of fire positioning is discussed, plus the secondarydevelopment based on ArcObjects. Finally, about fire anti-interferencetechnique,based on the cause, anti-interference theory and algorithm is dicussed.With the support of the theory, technology and methods above,a digital imageprocessing and fire anti-interference platform is developed with FPGA, forestdigital image the processing, fire points extracting are carried out successfully;Using the Visual C++combined with ArcObjects technology,forest fire positioningplatform is developed, positioning of the forest fires is achieved.
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