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The AES Algorithm and Its Implementation in DSP

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Tutor: ZhouYiGang
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: AES algorithm,Optimized AES,DSP
CLC: TN918.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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With the rapid development of Internet, the security of information transmission and storage through Internet has been the important effect of Internet development. The research on the theory and implementation of encryption algorithm is the base of information security, and guaranteeing the reliability and security of implementation of encryption algorithm is also important to the application of security product.With the development of cryptanalysis techniques, new encryption standards are needed urgently to replace old, outdated encryption standards. Rijndael has been selected by NIST to become the Advanced Encryption Standard(AES) and published in November 2001. When the data encryption standard was replaced by the advanced encryption standard, the whole world is putting light on the Rijndael algorithm. As the new generation encryption standard, AES is more efficient and secure than DES. Although AES will replace DES for certain, the useful security product based on AES is limited. So it is necessary to keep researching on implementation and application of AES.This paper introduces AES in detail, interprets the base on maths and the criterion in design, analyses the characteristics and design principle of AES, evaluates algorithm security of AES. Based on the investigation to the principle and specifications of AES, an effective implementation of AES block cipher is completed by using C language. By analyzing the characteristic of each round operation, combine and simplify the inner processes, then paper gives an improved algorithm of the round transform. This improved algorithm uses the simple search table and XOR operation to implement the round transform process, and simplify the implementation of round transform.It discusses the realization of AES algorithm based on DSP.
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