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Design of Long-Distance and Multi-Axis Driving Control System of Step Motor

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Tutor: WangXin
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: 2-phase hybrid step motor,constant current chopping drive,subdivision control,DS
CLC: TM383.6
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2008
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This subject comes from the design of antenna modular in a radar antenna array system. Its key design aim is developing a controlling drive system of a stepping motor, which is applicable for the antenna array modular. In this paper we well analysis the stepping motor¡¯s structural character, working principle and main controlling drive technique, and basing on this a complete design of the stepping motor¡¯s controlling drive system is proposed considering with practical need.The outstanding point of stepping motor is its ability of setting speed, quick start and stop, forward and reverse control and brake by changing the pulse¡¯s frequency in a wide frequency range. Furthermore, the open-loop system composed by stepping motors is often simple in structure and low in cost, but has a high reliability, so in a wide field stepping motor all has its extensive applications. Since its performance is highly depended on the controlling drive system, it is of great importance to developing a high-performing stepping motor driving and controlling system.Firstly, the structure, working principle and winding electrical specification of the two-phase mixed stepping motor are introduced in detail, as well as the fundamental knowledge about stepping motor, such as general terms for describing its electromechanical characters. Next, we further discuss the composition feature of stepping motor, and list some generally used techniques for deriving stepping motor, with their performance being compared with each others. The fundamentals and implementing method of chopping constant current driving and subdivision driving are emphasized.The controlling drive system for stepping motor, developed in this research, adopts PC as position machine and chip as slave machine, and the position machine deliveries the controlling instructions and parameters into the slave machine reliably. Slave machine recognizes the instructions accurately, driving the stepping motor to complete allocating movement, continuing movement and start-stop operation by the driver. Meanwhile, the slave machine also monitoring the operating condition of the driver, and implement diagnosis and treatment according to accident. In the design of the driver, chopping constant current driving model is adopted, and subdivision technique of the current vector constant-amplitude homogenous revolution is applied for controlling the current in the winding, which greatly improves the pace resolution of the stepping motor, reduces its angular force fluctuation and operation noise. Besides, in order to improve the speed and accuracy of stepping motor¡¯s allocating movements, we introduces rising-falling speed controlling idea in the programming for movement control.In this thesis, the fundamental ideas of design scheme, hardware composition and software programming are discussed in details. Testing results indicate that the system provide in the thesis means the previous designing index, and has a high operating safe reliability and versatility.
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