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Research on Synchronization and Channel Estimation Technologies of Ultra Wideband

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Tutor: XuHongGuang
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: channel model,barker code,MUSIC,ML
CLC: TN925
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2006
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At present, lots of communication technologies are developed, but Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology becomes more and more attractive because of its advantages, such as high transmission rate, low power consumption, good security, robustness to multipath and low cost. It is a novel short-distance wireless communication technique, in which data are transferred using non-sinusoidal pulses with very short duration, so it is fit for using in indoor environments which is a typical multipath environment. And it can be coexisted with the existing wireless communication systems at the same frequency band. As a matter of fact, UWB is thought as the best way of solving short distance wireless communication and wireless location. Howerver, UWB is still a new technology, so it is not mature enough to be used, and there¡¯s some divergences about the standard in application.This thesis aims at establishing a good theory for the synchronization and channel estimation in UWB system and providing some theoretical proof for the real project.Through a lot of experiments and simulations, analyzing the UWB channel model, studying on many papers, a new synchronization algorithm based on barker code and a new channel estimation method based on MUSIC algorithm are given. The simulation results of synchronization algorithm in which UWB channel model is used are gotten ,and the channel estimation algorithm is demonstrated by measurement data. Anyway, both of them get good conclusions.In this thesis, the thesis includes the following parts:(1) According to many simulations and the data of real measurement, the UWB indoor channel model is analysed.(2) A new synchronization method based on barker code is designed which is simple, effective for UWB system.(3) A new channel estimation method based on MUSIC algorithm is given, which is compared with ML algorthim. And the effection is proved by
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