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Design and Development of Single-channel GPS Signal Simulator

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Tutor: FengZhenMing
School: Tsinghua University
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: GPS,GPS hardware signal simulator,GPS receiver
CLC: P228.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2010
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Global Positioning System (GPS) hardware signal simulator can accurately simulate the GPS satellite signals which GPS receivers receive, it is used on the receiver¡¯s capture, tracking and position estimation accuracy of measurement, for the development and validation of GPS receivers and other new technologies use of available development environment and test verification platform.The paper presents the GPS signal simulator hardware design scheme. the main function of signal capacity by the CPCI bus based on a signal processing card to complete the other in order to make the signal source has a certain Real-time configurable, using a CPCI bus based controller as a PC. Signal processing hardware on the card using a modular design, divided into control module, signal module, and clock management module, all modules work together and scalable. In order to make the signal simulator to simulate signal to a high close to the current real GPS signal, the realization of the signal simulator into the program, including P code occurred, BOC modulation and key technologies Interplex modulation. These techniques are briefly introduced and discussed. This paper also introduced the entire work flow after the completion of the design of the hardware.Completion of the signal simulator to the output contains the C/A code, P code and M code GPS IF or RF analog signals, and can be configured through the PC real-time letter code type, signal strength, modulation, carrier Doppler values, code Doppler values and other parameters. Has been validated using their own GPS receiver hardware to validate its signal, the results show that GPS receivers can normally complete the acquisition, tracking and position resolution, position resolution of the results and the real position error in the design to allow users within.
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