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3D Volumetric Data Fields Process and Volume Rendering

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Tutor: SunJiXiang ZuoHaiXin
School: National University of Defense Science and Technology
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: Visualization of,Data Field,Surface rendering,Volume Rendering,Marching Cubes Al
CLC: TP391.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2003
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This thesis is a detailed exposition of a master's degree in the three-dimensional data field of information processing and body during the draw the technical aspects of the research work , including the basis for algorithm research and system development . With the rapid development of science and technology , increasing the amount of data to be processed daily from satellites , spacecraft , geological equipment , medical scanner data growing far beyond the human brain to analyze the ability to interpret these data , makes scientific computing data visualization and interactive computing process intervention and guide the increasingly urgent need to address the problem . To the scientific calculation process and the calculation result data is converted to graphics and images displayed on the screen and interactive processing , with a growing number of research workers put on the three - dimensional data field in the information processing work . The three-dimensional data field is the current visual focus of the study , is the most commonly encountered in practice . Visualization of algorithms can be divided into surface volume rendering and direct volume rendering ( referred to as volume rendering ) . Marching Cubes algorithm is a rule-based volume data extraction the isosurface classic algorithm . Improved MC algorithm exists ambiguity . Marching Tetrahedra algorithm is improved algorithm . This paper studies two algorithms , these two algorithms on three-dimensional body model extraction isosurface build a surface model . Volume rendering algorithm , the authors study the ray-casting algorithm in volume rendering algorithm . The bounding box technology to draw them to achieve accelerated . MS C developed based on the body of the ray-casting algorithm visualization software .
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