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Design and Implementation of iSD Based Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Gateway

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Tutor: RenYong
School: Tsinghua University
Course: Information and Communication Engineering
Keywords: Mobile sensor network,Wireless Sensor Networks,Gateway,iSD,ZtCore
CLC: TN915.05
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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Mobile sensor network (Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks) is a mutual integration of the product of the mobile communication network and wireless sensor networks. The blend will bring new applications and services for mobile communications network, a large number of users and without losing the flexibility of long-range communication capabilities to the wireless sensor network, wireless sensor network research focus and direction . Variety of mobile device platforms, this paper presents a platform-independent hardware expansion method, using this method to design and implement a platform-independent intelligent device interface - ISD (Interface for Smart Device) interface, based on the interface design to achieve the mobile devices connected directly to the mobile gateway for wireless sensor network devices, wireless sensor networks. ISD interface is the basis of the mobile gateway in wireless sensor networks. This paper proposes the the iSD use of platform-independent hardware expansion method, the design of the the iSD interface system structure, and the initial verification experiment. The author has designed and implemented three versions of the wireless sensor network mobile gateway board. This article details the board-level design options, schematic design, and layout points. FPGA logic circuit of the core functions of the wireless sensor network mobile gateway. Design the overall structure of the ISD interface, each module and signal connection between; own design MISC processor ZtCore of details of its architecture, instruction set, tool chain and performance evaluation and comparison; designed interface. To facilitate the subsequent development and third-party developers, the article describes the current design and implementation of FPGA development tools to write file system tools, and design their own third-party development tools, such as the set of FPGA programming interface debugging and soft-core programming commissioning in one ZtProg programming iSD the special registers generation program, as well as ISD debug the test vector generation program. Hardware expansion method proposed in this paper and the ISD technology is not limited to the mobile gateway of the wireless sensor network, expand functionality for mobile devices, and highly practical. The design and implementation of this article ZtCore CPU instruction length of the shortest one of the soft-core, with zero execution time waste and zero code space wasted. Mobile gateway of the wireless sensor network design and implementation of this article can mobile device directly access the wireless sensor network, a hardware basis for related research, and has a good prospect.
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