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Research on Distributed Industrial Signal Modularized Data Acquisition System Based on ARM

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Tutor: ChenZuo
School: Hebei University of Technology
Course: Control Science and Engineering
Keywords: embedded linux system,data acquisition,s3c2440,arm,spi,c8051f021
CLC: TP274.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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The signal of4-20mA and0-5V has become the current industry standard. With thedevelopment of science and technology, the date observation of industrial signal is very important.At the same time, people need to be more accurate, fast, convenient access to the large amounts ofdata and improved them to be better, directly to the factory equipment for observation, analysis.The embedded system has been applied in the data acquisition and processing.This paper firstly introduces relevant background and the research significance£¬Mainintroduction the development status and development prospects of data acquisition. Secondly,introduce the whole structure of acquisition module of industrial. Include research on the hardwarestructure of each module, Software structure and the overall design of communication.The paper uses the embedded Linux operating system£¬the master controller selects S3C2440control chip. Control chip C8051F021as the underlying data acquisition module, industrial signalis collected and processed by the underlying module. Master controller performs logic operation,analysis to the signal received by the underlying. SPI as the data transfer protocol. Software, weused Linux as embedded operating system. In the platform of Linux operating system,development of the SPI driver, Modify the kernel code, Kernel porting. Finally realize d the datacollected by the application program and the program design.This paper summarizes the research work content, Propose the design results and the existingdeficiencies. Experiments show that, the industrial signal acquisition system has meet to the needsof design, which be flexible and stable performance, on the technology feasible. It has a wideapplication prospect in the field of industrial control.
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