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Design and Implementation of Control System for Stabilized Platform Based on Embedded System

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Tutor: ShenYi
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Control Science and Engineering
Keywords: Embedded systems,Inertia l stabilized platform,PID control
CLC: TP273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Stabilized platform is used to keep disturbance from the object, so that theobject can rema in stable in inertial space. Generally the gyro is used to measureangular velocity, so that we can know the trend of the platform attitude. Using thedetection equip ment of image observation equipment to obtain the targetinformation, we can make the orientation attitude of the object to track the target.Stabilized platform is widely used in military and industrial, such as the missile¡¯sseeker, radar base, photography stable phase devices and satellite antenna.Inertia l stabilization technology for the stabilized platform is being studiedwidely at home and abroad.This topic is based on the seeker control system for biaxial stabilizedplatform. Combined with postgraduate innovation platform, the topic does someresearch in the control system for the stabilized platform based on theOMAP3530.Firstly, the paper briefly introduces the development and research of thestabilized platform and then studies the mathematical model of the system. Adouble closed-loop PID control strategy is proposed. The simulation resultsverify that the performance can be achieved with the PID control strategy.Secondly, in this paper embedded Linux development environment is builtin PC and the target board. The Cross-compiler tool chain is installed on the PC,and the serial port termina l is configured and the NFS server is built. We putXLoader, UBoot, Kernel and file system into the Mini board. So we can write andcompile code on the host, and the code can be executed on the target board.Thirdly, image is acquired based on the V4L2standard, and ima gesegmentation is achieved with the threshold method in the RGB color space.With the projection algorithm, we identify the target and strike the center coordinates.Finally, we write the program to achieve the seria l communication and thetime of cycle, and then write PID algorithm to achieve the control of the object,and finally with the host computer software, we finish the debugging of thesystem operation.
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