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The Research of Rocket Sled Orbit Measuring System

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Tutor: WangMao
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Control Science and Engineering
Keywords: Rocket sled,Laser cutting ranging system,Phase-shift range finder,Labview,Optimu
CLC: TP274
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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This paper takes the research of rocket sled test key equipment proposed bysome institude as the background, accomplishes the research of rocket sled highprecision orbit measuring system.The high overload and strong vibration provided bythe rocket sled test can effectively simulate higher order term of inertialmeasurement related to overload. By comparing and estimating measured values ofthe orbit measuring system and the output values of inertial measurement, we cancomplete the accuracy calibration and error separation. At the same time,conventional orbit system on the one hand is very expensive,on the other hand, cannot provide the measured values that satisfied the accuracy calibration and errorseparation of inertial measurement.After considering a variety of measuring methods, this paper develops twomeasuring systems, that is, laser cutting ranging system and phase-shift range finder.Laser cutting ranging system is designed by referring to incremental optical encoder.By installing photointerruptors between rocked sled tracks, the system can generatepulse signal serieses which response to the laser beam on or off, and then the systemcan get time-position information of the rocket sled during the test. Phase-shift rangefinder measures the phase shift between the laser emited by this system and the laserreflected by the rocket sled, and then gets the propagation time of the laser from thissystem to the rocked sled, and then gets the time-position information of the rocketsled during the test.With these two systems, this paper constitutes a muti-sensor ranging system,accomplishes the development of rocket sled high precision orbit measuring system.This paper designes a data processing platform based on Labview, whitch can collectthe measuring values of all the ranging systems. The platform synchronizes all themeasuring values of the ranging systems, and achieves the accurate time-positioninformation through optimum weight data fusion.
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