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Design and Realization of Infrared Seeker Servo Control System for Biaxial Stabilized Platform

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Tutor: WangYan
School: Harbin Institute of Technology
Course: Control Science and Engineering
Keywords: Seeker,Inertial Stable Platform,Double-loop,Control System Design
CLC: TP273
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2009
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This combined with the actual conduct of the two -axis servo inertial stabilized platform of research, the use of DSP and FPGA to build a stable platform for the control system hardware circuit . Contents of the study include the following aspects : first, the paper systematically describes the current domestic and international research status inertial stabilized platform , summed up the inertial stabilized platform control several key issues, namely , the visual axis stabilization technology , dual-loop control technology and prediction filtering technology , the introduction of the system for speed, position classic double-loop PID control strategy . According to the system parameters of the motor and the mechanical structure , the establishment of the system's speed and position double-loop control model , and simulation , in theory verify the feasibility of the system control strategy ; Second , set up the DSP and FPGA as the core of the control and drive circuits responsible for the use of DSP servo control , FPGA is responsible for input, output timing control, while extending the AD, DA, Flash, SDRAM, 422 communication interface, and other peripherals . Motor drive circuit H-bridge PWM generator program , the output value of the DA adjust the PWM duty cycle, adjust the motor speed ; Third , the preparation of the underlying system and peripheral interface program input and output timing control logic , on this basis, prepared a system of double-loop PID servo control the main program, the main program and interrupt subroutine flowchart , and finally write serial communication based PC application software , the use of PC software sends a handover control command system operating status and use of PC software testing the system in several working condition angular displacement sensor status ; Finally, the image processing and transmission delay caused by the control hysteresis conducted a preliminary exploration of three common prediction filtering technology, through simulation compared the compensation effect under different circumstances , to choose a suitable prediction algorithm of the system .
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