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Foot Orthosis CAD System Based on the Three-Dimensional Scanner Data

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Tutor: YangPeng
School: Hebei University of Technology
Course: Control Science and Engineering
Keywords: foot orthotics,computer-aided design,data collection,STL files,data processing,d
CLC: TP391.72
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2011
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Foot orthoses is a kind of supporting device that make use of external design in the foot bysome force, thereby changing the biomechanical properties of soles to relieve dysfunction of themusculoskeletal system, for treatment of various disorders of the foot. In order to change thetraditional way of hand-made modulo and improve the production cycle and accuracy, this paperdiscusses the orthotics foot data processing and the establishment of the model database.This article begins with a brief introduction of CAD technology in the orthopedic industry,followed by collection methods,equipment and principles were further elaborated. About theCAD system of foot orthoses,the introduction is divided into four parts:1. Plantar data acquisition: Be that foot three-dimensional data acquisition, this step ismainly done by the foot scanner, here access to STL format data files. Then focuses onintroducing reading and processing STL files. In order to make results clear and easy analysis, itshould be noted that select a significantly foot for theoretical validation.2. Foot data processing: Analysis and processing the three-dimensional data, removing thenoise point and streamline a large number of point cloud data; to keep the feature point is moreconducive for reconstruction and subsequent processing. Data format determines the dataprocessing methods, and therefore analysis the output data of the foot scanner carefully and thenaccording the characteristics of foot shape, use the appropriate data processing method.3. Reconstruction and display of foot orthosis model: use processed and neat data for modelreconstruction, extracting the feature points to show contours of the model; make the point datainto grid and fitting curve and surface constitutes a foot model for display in OpenGL; then onthis basis, with different medical conditions to make local changes.4. Database of foot orthoses: Category Archive for foot models to facilitate the data subjectto change and call; using VC++,MFC ODBC class library for database access interface, anddatabase operations. After a period of post-orthopedic orthoses need to adjusted, you can notre-sampled, make corresponding adjustment on this basis directly. Second, these data of modelthrough the data conversion can be used to the production of CNC machine for model making.In summary, the system improve the efficiency and reduce production costs, reducerequirements of skill level and knowledge experience for operator, increase the applicabilityorthoses.
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