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Study on Thermal Regulation Textile

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Tutor: LiuWeiJin
School: South China University of Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: phase change materials,micro capsules,thermo-regulating textile,MFU resin
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Recently as people¡¯s requirements to functional clothes improving, developing thermalregulation textile has become a hot research area. Thermal regulation textile is prepared byadding phase change materials (PCMs) into textile. As the PCMs in textile absorb or releaselatent heat during the phase change procedure at proper temperature, the temperature of theenclothing ¡°micro environment¡± can be regulated. Most of the PCMs with a phase changetemperature around room temperature are solid-liquid PCMs, so that they must beencapsulated in order to prevent the lost of PCMs during the phase change procedure.In this dissertation, the microcapsulated PCMs with good properties were synthesized.The thermal regulation textile with good thermal property and clothing using properties wasprepared through being finished by the micro-capsulated PCMs. This dissertation mainlyincludes the following contents:Melamine-formaldehyde-urea (MFU) resin was chosen to be the shell resin afterstudying the property of micro-capsulated paraffin PCMs with different shell resins. Andthe condition of prepolymerization of MFU resin was investigated. The synthesis ofmicro-capsulated PCM with paraffin PCMs as the core material was investigated. Theeffects of shell resin, core-shell ratio, the composition of emulsion system and theemulsification condition on the morphology and particle size of micro-capsules was studied,and the best synthetic condition was determined. The best synthetic condition is as follow.The mass of paraffin PCMs is10g, core-shell ratio is2:1and segmentation charging wasadorpted in the synthesis of the pre-polimerizational shell resin. The emulsifier was SDSwith mass of0.2g, the mass of5%PVA solution was1.5g, the volumn of water of theemulsification system was80ml and the time of emulsification was10min. The two sectionsof the seaied temperature was50¡æand70¡æ, respectively.Under the best synthesis condition, the intact seaied micro-capsulated PCMs withparticle size of approximately6¦Ìm, heat capacity of176.9J/g and good heat resistance wasobtained. Moreover£¬the micro-capsulated fatty alcohol with MFU shell was synthesized. Theeffect of different emulsifiers on the micro-capsule was investigated. The heat propertiesand morphology of micro-capsulated fatty alcohol was characterized. The diameter ofmicro-capsules was about5-10¦Ìm and the heat capacity is148J/g.Thermo-regulating finishing agent was prepared with the micro-capsulated PCMs as thefunctional component. The thermo-regulating textile prepared through finished by the agentpossessed approximately5J/g of heat capacity, good thermo¡ªregulating property in26-30oC and good washability£®
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