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Research on Preparation of STF/UHMWPE Fabric Flexible Protective Material and Its Stab-resistant Pro

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Tutor: XiongDangSheng
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: Shear thickening nuid(STF),UHMWPE fabric,Silicon dioxide,Stab resistantpropertie
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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With the threat of global terrorism, personal protection consciousness is enhanced, making personal protection an important international issue. Though many countries including China restrict the use of firearms strictly, the daggers from sharp threat are out of control, which make the development of the melee stab-resistant materials a current hot spot. In recent years, with the performance requirements of clothing improved, comfortable and flexible soft stab-resistant clothing are urgently needed. The whole world begins to pay attention to the research and development of soft stab-resistant clothing.This thesis has researched a kind of advanced stab-resistant materials composed of the shear thickening fluid (STF) and ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) fabric. In this study, the silica particle was prepared by sol-gel method. The particle size and the phase analysis were tested by Laser particle size analyzer and SEM, and the X-ray diffract meter and FT-IR. STF was prepared by using mechanical agitation method. The rheological properties of the fluid and the influence factors of the performance were measured by the rotary rheometer. UHMWPE fabric and STF which was diluted by ethanol are composited through static immersion method. The surface morphology and microstructure of composite fabric were tested by SEM. Then it is necessary to study its stab resistant properties and performance. At last the factors affecting the anti-stab performance were analyzed.The results of the study shows that:Laser particle size analyzer and SEM analysis showed that the particle size of silica powder by using sol-gel method was about500nm; By means of XRD and FTIR analysis, it showed that the nano SiO2powder was amorphous solid particle.Results of Rheological test showed that the disperse system had good shear thickening properties. Concentration of Nano SiO2particle, dispersing medium had a certain degree influence on the rheology of STF. The microstructure analysis of UHMWPE/STF compound fabric was tested by SEM. the images indicated nano-silica could evenly distribute on the fiber bundle and single fiber, which explained STF has been successfully impregnated on the fabric surface and dispersed between the fibers.The results of stab resistant showed after impregnating by STF, stab-resistant force of UHMWPE/STF composite fabric is dramatically improved, which indicated that during the puncture test, the shear thickening effects occurred and the stab resistant properties were improved. Through a series of experiments in the blank backing material, stab-resistant force was translated to the energy absorption of fabric. The more the mass fraction of silica in STF was, the smaller the puncture depth is.
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