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Study on Prepaartion and Propetries of Oiganic Flexible Closed Pore Expansion Perlite Insulaiton Mat

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Tutor: SunYiMing
School: Hubei University of Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: expanded perlite,coating,polystyrene emulsion,PMMA
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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Expansion perlite is a cellular porous and the surface open pore structure of ore,which is widely used as a heat preservation material in the building, but its bibulousrate is large and it is easy broken in the construction process. The coefficient of heatconductivity increases greatly after the expansive pearlite absorbed water, which has aninfluence on heat preservation. In order to reduce the bibulous rate of expansion perliteand increase its strength, The aim of this article is to coat surface with a flexiblepolymer. On the one hand, make its surface of the hole be closed state, to reduce thewater absorption rate; on the other hand, flexible polymer is unable to make inflationpearl broken.According to the experiment firstly this article designs the preparationequipment and testing devices¡ªdrum-FeiTengChuang amphibious coating machineand the coefficient of thermal conductivity tester, and then used to the liquid addmethod, solid molten add method and in-situ polymerization to implement expansionperlite polymer coating, and USES the SEM, FTIR, DSC, etc for material test microchange are studied, and some test instrument on macro properties has been studied,making the following results:(1) In the liquid add method, this article mainly adopts polystyrene emulsion andphenolic resin solution to capsule, among which use waste polystyrene foam to makeemulsion. Latex coating the best formula for PS10g; water10g; mixed solvent18ml,the best ratio for m (dimethyl benzene): m (acetic ester): m (acetone)=3:2:1,emulsification OP-10: DBS=1:1, emulsifier12%of the total to PS, plasticizer was15%of the PS for the best. When polystyrene emulsion and phenolic resin content isbest in25%, at this time the packing density of the expansion perlite, coefficient ofthermal conductivity is little change, and bibulous rate is reduced from286.58%to45.32%, and the performance is better than the84%Bo perlite. The volume loss rate isdropped from76%to30%, which is better than46%Bo perlite.(2) On the solid phase in the addition, this article mainly adopts thermoplasticepoxy resin to melt on expansion perlite in capsule. The best temperature of epoxyresin powder coated is200¡æ.After coating the water absorption and cylinder pressurestrength of expansion perlite are greatly improved.(3) In the in-situ polymerization, firstly this article adopts KH570to makeexpansion perlite pretreatment, making its surface have vinyl active group, and thenbrings in MMA in the surface polymerization, to achieve the expansion perlite coated.Through the contact angle test the best dosage of coupling agent is10%. From FTIRthe surface of expansion perlite can be seen successfully realized the PMMA film.
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