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Research on Preparation¡¢Modification and Adsorption Performance of SBA-15Mesoporous Material

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Tutor: ZengLiMing
School: Wuhan University of Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: mesoporous material,SBA-15,modified,silane coupling agent,adsorption
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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SBA-15Mesoporous molecular has been used in many fields such as catalysis absorption¡¢separation and biological along with nano materials, due to its highly ordered pore structure¡¢large specific surface area and pore size distribution, containable hole wall thickness and good thermal stability. Especially as a new adsorbent,it has aroused wide concern for its incomparable superiority with the other adsorbents. The surface of modified Mesoporous molecular contains some organo-functional groups such as amino, sulfhydryl, sulfonic acid and carbamido,which can absorb the heavy metal ions in the waste water through chelation with them and form stable coordination compound.In this experiment we have prepared the SBA-15mesoporous materials with hydrothermal synthesis method first, and then we use the traditional modification methods, namely step method and two footwork to synthetize modified mesoporous materials which contain amino and mercapto group, Using infrared spectrum to analyse its structure. Because of the hydrolytic degree of the silane coupling agent directly affect the effect of hydroxy-silane and the silicon hydroxyl Si-OH of mesoporous material. Then, this study further studied carefully about the hydrolysis process of the silane coupling agent, first to make it hydrolysis, then to modify mesoporous material, through the test found that this method can also make amino, sulfhydryl functional group successfully grafted to the SBA-15mesoporous material.Then, before and after the modification of the mesoporous materials used as adsorbent to adsorb heavy metal ions Pb2+, Cu2+, Cr3+, and Zn2+, and the results showed that the average adsorption rate is Cu2+> Pb2+> Cr3+> Zn2+, in addition by using coupling agent silane hydrolysis modified method is much berrer and the adsorption rate of S-S¡¢S-S-2¡¢S-N and S-N-2is92.3%,90.4%,95.2%and94.7%in proper order for Cu2+, the mesoporous materials show its performance of selective adsorption. Finally,we select the S-S, S-S-2, S-N and S-N-2these four kinds of mesoporous materials as adsorbent to adsorb Cu2+, further detailed research the effect of the adsorption time¡¢reaction temperature¡¢the dosage of the adsorbent and the initial concentration of Cu2+in solution on adsorption capacity and adsorption rate. The analysis of experimental results show that the extended adsorption time, higher reaction temperature, increasing the dosage of the adsorbent and the initial ion concentration can improve the adsorption rate; When adsorption time extension, reaction temperature and ion initial concentration increases, the adsorption capacity is increasing, while increasing the dosage of the adsorbent lead to its adsorption capacity decline.
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