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Application of Energy Consumptin Simulation in Energy Management Contract for Central Air-conditioni

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Tutor: DuHaiCun
School: Nanchang University
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: central air conditioning,Energy Management Contract,transformation,energy consum
CLC: TU831
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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In energy performance contracting projects, ESCo bears a majority of project implementation risk, one of which comes from inaccurate estimate on energy-saving benefit of the adopted energy conservation measures. Once practical energy-saving effect can not reach contract requirement, ESCo probably will not achieve profitability, or even suffer the loss. Therefore, energy consumption analysis before alternation and accurately predicting the results of energy saving after project implementation by energy consumption simulation effectively contributes to reducing investment risk of ESCo, increasing investment enthusiasm, promoting healthy development of energy services industry.Taking practical central air-conditioning transformation project of the furniture store in Nanchang for example, original air-conditioning system was simulated by energy-consumption simulating program software of eQUEST. Combining calculated results with real monitoring data, energy consumption of unimproved central air-conditioning system was analyzed. On this basis, both schemes of energy-saving reformation had been put forward:one was frequency conversion renovation, and the other was cold water storage retrofitting. And energy consumption and operation costs of the above transformation programs were also performed to forecast the energy-saving benefit by eQUEST in turn. Simulation results showed that the program of chilled water thermal storage could save more energy cost of air conditioning system. After completing the transformation, running conditions of air conditioning system were timely followed up, and performance data were tracked and recorded. Operating data can match up to simulated results, verifying accuracy of building energy-consumption simulating program software of eQUEST in energy consumption analysis and benefits forecast and providing significant reference for ESCo engaged in central air-conditioning energy conservation transformation.;
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