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The Parameter Optimization and Research of Prostate Cryoablation

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Tutor: GaoCai
School: Hefei University of Technology
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: cryoablation,urethral warming,Finite element method,temperaturefield,Prostate
CLC: R699.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2013
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Cryosurgery has been widely used in many countries and is noticeable especially in recent years. Though its development in our country is latter than in many other ones, there are hundreds of treatment facilities using the technology for clinical application and many scholars engaged in its R&D actively. We find that the thermal theory for this operation plan is very limited till now and there is a lack of accurate control of the temperature for the focus tissue during re-warming processes. The rapid development of the numerical calculation technology provides good solutions for the cryosurgical theoretical research and operation scheme determination.We find only a few published literatures mention about the re-warming process in cryosurgery study. Moreover, the heating effect of the urethral re-warming tube in the freezing process is often been neglected in the thermal calculations. Another important aspect is that the thermo-physical properties of the focus tissues is often been selected improperly during the numerical simulation in the literatures. So, the accuracy of the calculation is often unacceptable.In our study, the Finite Element Method (FEM) is employed to analyze the temperature distribution of the prostate tissue with3-5probes in different radial locations. The calculation results show that5-probes produce more uniform frozen zones. It also showed that appropriate radial position of probes can improve the efficiency of freezing efficiency. Different re-warming temperatures of the urethral catheter are examined on the basis of the5-probes and optimized radial location. It indicates that choosing relatively lower re-warming temperature at the beginning of surgery can effective shorten the operation time and improve the efficiency of freezing efficiency. By setting accurate thermo-physical parameter of biological tissue, we analyzes the melted behavior of the frozen prostate tissue with single probe, three probes and five probes. The thermal influence of the probe, urethral catheter and tissue core on the prostate tissue during re-warming was explored and the origin of the temperature differences was also discussed.
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