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Theoretical and Experimental Research on5Horsepower Air-Source High Temperature Heat Pump

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Tutor: ShuShuiMing
School: Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course: Refrigeration and Cryogenic Engineering
Keywords: High temperature heat pump,Air-source,Mix-refrigerants,Performance
Type: Master's thesis
Year:  2012
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The technology of the normal temperature heat pump has been studied by manypredecessors. Important progress has been made in this field. Heat pump is widely usednow, but the scope and field of its application are limited to low temperature. If the watertemperature can be improved to80ˇćor higher, Heat pump will have better development.The high temperature of heat pump has already become a global trend. Many domesticand foreign experts take water as heat source instead of the air. This paper will use the airas the heat source to make a high temperature heat pump. It will have much practicalvalue.The software is adopted to calculate the theoretical cycle performance under thecondition of the condensing temperature of85ˇćand the vaporization temperature25ˇć.Taking the relevant thermal performance and the environment-protection into account, wefinally choose three kinds of components to make a mix-refrigerant. After applying tosoftware, the component mass ratio is finally decided as A/B/C with80%:12%:8%.Simultaneously the system structure and the equipment spare parts have been designed. Inorder to study the high temperature heat pump performance changes under variableworking conditions and the different ambient temperatures, performance analysis aremade under the different ambient temperature of25ˇć,30ˇć,35ˇć,40ˇć,45ˇćand watertemperature of30ˇć,40ˇć,50ˇć,60ˇć,70ˇć,80ˇć. The performances are made analysiscomparison separately.Results show that the thermal properties are better with the adaptation of newmix-refrigerants. The discharge temperature of compressor is not over110ˇćwhen theambient temperature changes between20ˇćand40ˇć. But the exhaust gas temperature isreaching a maximum when the ambient temperature is45ˇćand the hot watertemperature up to80ˇć. The test results fill gaps in the high temperature data of heat pump, theresults show it is better than the high temperature existed in market. The performance of prototype is good under other environmental temperature. The high temperature heat pump has alsobeen used in solar air-conditioning system instead of electric heating. In both cases theeconomic and social benefits are calculated at the same condition. The above contentprovides valuable reference for the development and application of high temperature airsource heat pump. It has practical value.
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